Your privacy is highly valuable to Octa Pearl (including Octa Pearl LLC., its subsidiaries, and affiliates). Every decision we make is based on the needs of our clients, and we go above and beyond to make sure you have a positive Octa Pearl experience that you’ll want to repeat and tell all your friends about. Respecting and protecting the privacy of the personal information you entrust to us is a part of our commitment to you. The information provided here is intended to inform you about the data we gather, why we gather it, how we use it, and the options we provide, including how to access and amend data. The terms “Site” and “Services” relate to the Octa Pearl website, mobile applications, and other software, respectively. The terms “Site” and “Services” also refer to the Octa Pearl customer support phone number and other shopping or product services that the company provides.

This privacy statement will be updated from time to time by Octa Pearl. We will update the “last updated” date on this page if a revision is made. Additional privacy policies that we disclose in conjunction with those opportunities may apply when we make additional features, functionality, offers, activities, or events accessible to you.

In this policy, “personal information” refers to any data that identifies or relates to a specific person who uses our Services or otherwise registers to be a customer of Octa Pearl.


Information Collection, Usage & Sharing

When you use our Services or visit our website, you have the option to select when to give us your personal information. You should be aware that any personal information you provide to us will be received by us and may be stored (whether written or oral). Additionally, we might get certain information about you automatically. Based on your interactions with our site and services, we may gather, use, and disclose the following categories of information about you (except as prohibited by law):

  •     When You Visit Our Website

  •     When You Utilize Services on Our Site

  •     Whenever You Purchase from Us

  •     When You Get in Touch with Our Diamond and Jewelry Advisors Through Phone, Email, Chat, or in Person

  •     Whenever you evaluate a product

  •     Whenever You Contact Us on Social Media

  •     When You Schedule a Visit to One of Our Showrooms


When You Visit Our Website


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Device and browser information obtained through cookies and other tracking technologies
  •     Insights gleaned from web server records
  •     General geographic data

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To maintain the site’s core functionalities
  •     To enhance the effectiveness of the website
  •     To identify security concerns and stop fraud
  •     To provide you with customized content and advertising, whether it be on our website, another website, a mobile device or application, or through another channel (whether online or offline)
  •     To comprehend our customers’ behavior, tastes, and demographics
  •     To enhance marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as the entire client experience

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Service providers for site optimization
  •     Providers of site security services
  •     Service providers of marketing channels

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     The Site might not function properly.
  •     Your product purchase action will be paused
  •     You might not get Octa Pearl marketing and advertising information


When You Utilize Services on Our Site


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Cookies are used to collect information.
  •     Your shopping history for products
  •     Information accessed via your Wishlist

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To let you know about items you recently viewed or added to your Wishlist
  •     You can utilize our Build Your Own Jewelry tools if you want to.
  •     To deliver and enhance our services and product lines, as well as to create new ones.
  •     To comprehend our customers’ behavior, tastes, and demographics

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Providers of services that support the features on our website

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     You won’t be able to get customized content from us.
  •     Some functionalities of our website won’t function properly.


Whenever You Purchase from Us


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Your complete name
  •     Contact information
  •     E-mail address
  •     Your physical location
  •     Details of your payment method

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To make your purchase easier and to fulfil your requests for services
  •     To make it easier for your products to be cleaned, repaired, or resized during the course of your warranty or other services
  •     To verify and follow up on your order
  •     To make returns easier
  •     To find and stop fraud and other wrongdoing

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Providers of payment services
  •     Shipping companies
  •     Security service providers

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     You won’t be able to buy anything
  •     You won’t be able to use our warranty or any of our other services.
  •     You would be restricted on product returns


When You Provide Information for Sweepstakes Participation, Sharing Items with a Friend, or Marketing Purposes


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Your complete name
  •     E-mail address
  •     Your reference e-mail id and complete name

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To send you personally relevant information and offers
  •     So that you can distribute goods to your buddies
  •     To manage and carry out our promotions and other contests

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Our marketing consultants

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     No updates will be sent to you by Octa Pearl.
  •     You won’t be able to distribute goods to your buddies.


Whenever you evaluate a product


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Your complete name
  •     E-mail address
  •     Your product review and any images you send

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To share product reviews with other customers
  •     To deliver and enhance our services and product lines, as well as to create new ones.

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Providers of our product review services

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     Octa Pearl products cannot be the subject of reviews on the Internet.


Whenever You Contact Us on Social Media


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Your complete name
  •     Your username on social networking
  •     Your social networking post’s content

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To send you personally relevant information and offers
  •     To address your suggestions, questions, and requests
  •     To assist with running and completing our competitions and other promotions

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  •     Your usage of social media to communicate with Octa Pearl

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     Octa Pearl won’t be reachable through social media.


When You Schedule a Visit to One of Our Showrooms


Types of Information We Might Gather

  •     Your complete name
  •     E-mail Address

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  •     To handle your appointment request

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  •     There will be no appointment booking available.

Additionally, with your consent and in accordance with all laws, Octa Pearl rules, and procedures, Octa Pearl may use your information for any other reason. We may combine the information you have provided to us over time with information that is already in the public domain, information obtained through cookies and other technologies, and information obtained from partners, affiliates, and other third parties. The Services, personalized content, customized content, and advertising may all be provided to you using such combined data. Your recommendations, criticisms, appreciations, and other comments are much appreciated because they help us improve our services.


Tracking Methods

We may use, or permit our business partners to use, the following tracking technologies for the reasons detailed below:

Cookies: On your computer, smartphone, or other device, a cookie is a little file that is kept. Cookies save information about how you use our site and enable us and our business partners to recognize your device when you return to it.

For the following five reasons, we use cookies:

Essential Operational: In order for us to operate our Services, cookies are necessary. For instance, you require them to access secure areas and use features like our shopping cart (like your account pages).

Cookies assist us in improving the functionality and performance of our services. To view your shopping basket without logging in, for example, cookies help us recognize your device or you when you return to our service.

Analytics, Customization, and Security: We employ analytics and customization cookies, including those from third parties, to gather data regarding how users of our Services use them and to evaluate the success of our marketing campaigns. We use the data we gather to tailor our services to your needs and to ensure that the content you see is as pertinent as possible. We also use the data we collect to track visits from our partners and affiliates and to assist in identifying and preventing fraud.

Advertising/Targeting: Cookies allow us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising, deliver targeted offers, and limit (for example, by capping the frequency of) the commercials you view. For instance, if we use an online advertising network to target an advertisement campaign, we may use cookies on our website to estimate how many individuals who saw the advertisement later visited our website, indicating how effective the advertisement campaign was. Alternatively, we might “retarget” site visitors by making offers to them (through email, direct mail, or online display media) that are similar to those they saw or indicated they were interested in while on our site.

Cookies for social networking websites: Visitors can use cookies to share our pages and information on other social networking websites.

Log files from our website and mobile applications may be used for analytics reasons. These files are automatically created when users access and uses our services.

Tracking Images: To find out if you opened, forwarded, or clicked on any of the email’s contents, we may use tracking images (like GIFs), which are tiny image files included in our emails. This data helps us determine the effectiveness of our emails and ensures that you receive content you’ll like.

Local Storage: We use local storage to provide you with a complete web experience, relevant content, and advertising (such as HTML5 or Flash).

Other Technologies: We may use additional tracking technologies that are similar to those indicated above for the same reasons as stated above.

Internet-based advertising: Third parties may collect information about your online activities over time and across several websites, including our Site, by using cookies and other technologies. Inferences and linkages about our clients and future customers across various platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets, and browsers, may be made by third parties with whom we work in partnership using additional “device-graphing” information. (These companies might, for instance, believe that devices with a shared IP address are being used by common users.) Companies with which we exchange information may use the information we provide to provide you with more relevant advertising suited to your interests, typically in conjunction with data they already possess. We may also receive information for this purpose from third-party websites where our adverts are displayed. Our ad networks may collect information on our behalf regarding your visits to websites that display advertising, including the pages or advertisements you view and the actions you take on the websites. Our websites and other parties’ websites that participate in these ad networks also gather this information.


Information Which We May Disclose to Others

In addition to the previously specified sharing, we may additionally share your information, including personal information, with third parties in the ways listed below:

Octa Pearl Entities: We may share your personal information with our affiliated businesses, such as any corporate subsidiaries or affiliates.

Service Providers: Third-party service providers may carry out a variety of services on our behalf, including shipping, payment processing, invoicing and collections, data storage and management, web hosting, fulfillment, assembly, marketing and data enhancement, mailing, and emailing.

Special Events: If you choose to participate in a special event, Octa Pearl may share your information with those organizations participating in the relevant event (such as a promotion, contest, or sweepstakes).

Compliance With Law And Fraud Protection: We may disclose your information when: (1) we have a good faith belief that disclosing the information is necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements; (2) we have a good faith belief that disclosing the information is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding potential illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threat.

Business Transfer: Your information may be shared in conjunction with any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets, or receivership (or during the due diligence phase of such acquisition), in which case it would be transferred as one of the Company’s business assets.

Aggregate Information: We can create aggregate records from personal information by eliminating information that identifies the information, and we can give third parties permission to do the same. We reserve the right to use, disclose, and allow third parties to use aggregate non-personal information.


Minors Under 13

Octa Pearl does not knowingly collect any personal data from children under the age of 13 in any way. If we learn that a person under the age of 13 provided us with personal information, we will delete the information from our databases. Please visit the FTC website at for guidance on protecting children’s online privacy.


On our website, there may be links to third-party websites that are not under our control and are not covered by this privacy statement. You should read the privacy policies listed on each of these websites, as we strongly suggest you to do.


We combine physical and electronic security technologies, procedures, and organizational measures to help safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. The security of any information you submit to us or divulge to us cannot be guaranteed, even while we take efforts to protect your personal information.


Gaining Access To Updating Your Data

You can access and change some personal information pertaining to your Octa Pearl account at any time if you have an account with them. Otherwise, contact us using the information below to find out more.

Marketing Opt-Out/Choice

As long as it’s legal, we’d like to stay in touch with you regarding our marketing efforts, but only if you’d like us to.

E-mail Promotions: You can choose “unsubscribe” on our subscription status page and submit the necessary information to stop getting email promotions from us, or you can follow the unsubscribe instructions in any of our promotional emails. If you’d prefer not to receive phone calls from us, you can let us know when we call you, or you can mail us your request. If you’d want to stop receiving mail-based promotions, send us a postal request. The phone or email discussions we conduct with you concerning your orders with us or any transactional correspondence are unaffected by your decision to opt out of communication with us.

If your browser supports it, you can always choose to reject cookies; but, doing so may prohibit you from utilizing some services and significant sections of our site. Furthermore, because the information we gather may be merged, even if you disable cookies, we could still be able to recognize your web browser, computer, or mobile device when you access our Services. Some browsers provide a “Do Not Track” (DNT) option that, when selected, informs websites and online services that you do not want to be tracked. Because there is no clear standard for doing so, we do not yet respond to browser DNT signals. For more information about the use of cookies and how to prevent them, go to, (For Europe), or (United States).

You can opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from advertising companies that are Network Advertising Initiative members or who follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising by visiting and

When required by law, we obtain your prior opt-in consent at the time of the collection for the processing of (i)personal information used for marketing purposes and (ii)personal information that is considered sensitive under relevant law.


Your Rights To Privacy In California

According to the California Consumer Privacy Act, residents of California have the following rights:

Right to Know: You have a right to understand and access the information we’ve gathered about you over the last 12 months, including:

The kind of personal data about you that we have gathered;

The kind of sources used to gather the personal information;

The commercial or business reason for gathering your personal information;

The kind of other parties with whom we’ve shared your personal information; and

The exact personal data that we have gathered about you.

The power to delete. You have the right to ask us to remove any personal data we may have about you (and direct our service providers to do the same).

Different Rights You have the right to seek specific details about how we disclosed your personal information to third parties for their own direct marketing needs throughout the previous year. This once-per-year request is cost-free. Additionally, you have the right to be free from prejudice if you exercise any of the aforementioned rights.

According to the relevant law, some information may be exempt from such inquiries. For instance, in order to offer you the Services, we require some sorts of information. You might lose access to or usage of the Services if you ask us to delete it.

According to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), selling personal information means making it available to third parties in exchange for valuable consideration. Some people might argue that selling personal information includes allowing advertising companies to gather distinctive cookie IDs through our sites when you use our Services. According to that view, we “sell” personal information to you in order to promote our products. We have “sold” the following categories of personal information to the following categories of third parties over the past 12 months:


The exact personal data that we have gathered about you.

A third party

Based advertising partners  

Please refer to the Interest Based Advertising section above for more details about interest-based advertisers.

Visit our Do Not Sell My Personal Information page at any time to exercise your right to object to these transactions. We never intentionally “sell” personal data about customers who are under the age of 16.


How To Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to register a complaint in relation to this Privacy Policy or the manner in which your personal information is used by us, you can always co-ordinate with us from one of the options below:

By Telephone: `+1 (551) 342-2092

By Email:

By Post: 

822 Station BLVD 70

 AURORA IL 60504 

United States of America